Our Mission

Caliburn’s Office of Ethics and Business Conduct supports our businesses and employees to uphold the highest ethical standards. Led by our Chief Compliance Officer, the Office of Ethics & Business Conduct provides expert advice, training, and assistance in the areas of ethics, quality, safety, privacy, and export controls. We encourage best practices, monitor legal and regulatory compliance throughout Caliburn’s business processes, and investigate reports of where we may have fallen short. The Office strives to ensure every Caliburn employee is aware of, and follows, our Code of Conduct – The Caliburn Commitment.

Caliburn is committed to the guiding principles of the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct.

Fostering An Ethical Culture

Caliburn International’s guiding principles of strength, wisdom, ownership, respect, and drive provide the foundation of our business strategy and culture – a culture that begins with our senior leadership and is strengthened at every level of the organization across our operations worldwide. Our ethics program focuses on compliance, transparency, and integrity. It brings value to our business relationships.


The company has established an Ethics Committee within the company’s independent Board of Directors to provide oversight and direction to our company’s ethics program. The company conducts thorough reviews and vetting of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with all relevant government regulations. We rely on outside experts to help ensure our ethics program meets the highest industry standards and our clients’ expectations. We assess the effectiveness of the Ethics and Business Conduct organization through audits and surveys.

Caliburn requires that all employees, subcontractors, and anyone acting on its behalf comply with all applicable human right laws and obligations, as well as other applicable laws, as set forth in the Statement of Commitment and the Caliburn Code of Conduct.

Click here to read the Code of Conduct
Click here to read the Statement of Commitment: Human Rights


Caliburn’s mandatory Code of Conduct online training is available in 3 languages. In addition, employees are assigned training on evolving areas of compliance, such as anti-corruption laws, on a regular basis. Short training videos, webinars and in-person training sessions are important means of reaching as many employees as possible. The company intranet pages have practical guidance in easy-to-understand summaries, Q&A documents and scenarios on a wide range of topics.


Caliburn’s goal is to create an environment where our employees are comfortable raising ethics and compliance questions and concerns without fear of reprisal. We want employees to feel free to speak with their managers or supervisors, Human Resource representatives, or members of the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct. A copy of Caliburn’s Anti-Retaliation Protection and Reporting Policy is available to our employees and to the public upon request.

Caliburn leadership recognizes that at times employees would rather raise questions and concerns anonymously and that external stakeholders (subcontractor employees, customers, etc ) may also need to present a concern to the company outside the normal chain of command. To facilitate these communications, the company maintains a 24-hour hotline open to all employees, contractors and third parties with multi-language capabilities.

U.S. Hotline 1-844-665-2945
Iraq Toll Free/Collect Hotline 1-971-371-7846
Afghanistan Toll Free/Collect Hotline 1-971-371-7841