Your Purpose is Our Purpose

Caliburn is a leading provider of professional services and specialized solutions for the U.S. government and commercial clients worldwide. As an integrated, capabilities-focused service provider, we deliver consulting, engineering, medical, and environmental solutions, as well as large-scale program management services, in support of our core markets of national defense, healthcare, international diplomacy, and homeland security.

Our services support programs of national significance. By leveraging our technical capabilities, intimate knowledge of customer requirements, and experience providing a wide spectrum of services and solutions, we help our clients meet their greatest challenges and succeed in their most important endeavors. Furthermore, our mission mindset and comprehensive array of services have resulted in long-standing, deep-rooted relationships with our clients.

Our corporate culture is built on a relentless focus on serving clients, maintaining the highest standards of safety and personal conduct, and fostering an entrepreneurial attitude.

Caliburn at a Glance

Legacy of Expertise

Caliburn International is a global company that provides Advanced Medical Services, Engineering and Technology Solutions and Global Mission Services for commercial and government customers. Formed by five industry-leading businesses – Comprehensive Health Services, Janus Global Operations, Project Time & Cost, Sallyport, and Michael Baker Global Services – Caliburn provides solutions and services that support national defense, global diplomacy, homeland security, healthcare, and technology development. Formed in 2018, with headquarters outside of Washington, D.C., Caliburn has global reach with 7,000 employees across five continents.