Healthcare & Humanitarian Services


Challenge Accepted

Caliburn provides critical medical services for a wide range of environments and situations. Whether it’s providing compassionate care for immigrant populations or rapidly responding to disasters, we ensure that our clients receive high-quality, cost-effective care tailored to their exact requirements.

Our comprehensive healthcare and life support solutions range from on-site and mobile medical services to worldwide emergency response. Our humanitarian immigration services include emergency influx shelters and state-licensed permanent shelters that provide a full spectrum of services for unaccompanied minors, while our rapid response emergency teams of physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals can deploy anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

What We Do

  • Childcare, Medical and Life Support Services
  • Health Unit Stand-Up and Operations
  • Case Management and Clinical Counseling
  • Educational and Vocational Training
  • Emergency Response
  • Public Health Screening

It’s in Our DNA

We understand the unique challenges and risks associated with deploying medical response and humanitarian operations in remote, foreign, and high-risk environments. From medical personnel experienced in delivering quality care in demanding circumstances to the specialized know-how needed to rapidly deploy equipment, materials, and supplies worldwide, Caliburn is equipped to provide critical services in a wide range of challenging situations.

Disaster Readiness
Rapidly Responding to World Events

From Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to the Haiti earthquake and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, Caliburn has a long history of responding to manmade and natural disasters. We deliver complete, customized medical readiness and rapid response capabilities that include acute medical care, coordinated evacuation, mobile immunizations, shelter operation services, mental health and counseling services, and food and water condition monitoring.