Into the Pandemic’s Hot Zones

RESTON, VA. – As the COVID-19 crisis rages, one company is suiting up and charging into some of the nation’s hardest hit locations.

Caliburn International — headquartered in Reston, VA — has surged medical support teams to New York, Texas and Florida during 2020 to staff field hospitals, provide antibody therapies and stand up hundreds of vaccine-administration teams.

“We’re helping our customers provide immediate care by setting up advanced medical operations,” Jim Van Dusen, CEO of Caliburn, said.

During the initial outbreak in New York City, Caliburn mobilized hundreds of medical personnel within a week to staff a temporary hospital on the grounds of the U.S. Open at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

In El Paso, TX, Caliburn established an infusion center — dubbed BAM — to treat children and adults with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 cases with antibody therapies.

Now, the company is standing up a new mobile unit in Florida to assist with the massive effort to administer the vaccines and help contain the pandemic.

And as businesses contemplate the end of the crisis, Caliburn’s Workforce Health Solutions is available to help assess employee health — supporting a return-to-work program that to date has 30,000 workers back in their jobs.

The company can provide a one-stop solution for assisting with contact tracing, temperature screenings, health-risk assessments and implementing best-safety practices.

Caliburn’s 7,000 employees provide a deep bench of expertise in healthcare as well as national defense, international diplomacy and homeland security.

Looking beyond the global pandemic, Caliburn is poised for transformational growth in 2021 in the medical sector as well as consulting, engineering, environmental services and large-scale program management.

Caliburn expects the new growth to be powered in part by its Engineering & Technology business practice which is launching a new suite of products for both the federal and commercial markets.

The Caliburn International news is covered in a year-end Department of Defense USA TODAY special publication.