Sallyport gets Army Technical Services Subcontract: Victor Esposito Comments

AECOM has awarded Sallyport Global Holdings a potential two-year, $34 million subcontract to provide technical services to the Army Corps of Engineers’ projects within the U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility.

Sallyport said Wednesday it will provide electrical and fire safety technical services as well as training support across CENTCOM AOR, except in Afghanistan.

Victor Esposito, CEO of Sallyport, said the award reflects the company’s commitment to support the U.S. Army operations in austere and remote areas worldwide.

USACE’s contract with AECOM includes assessment, inspection, repair, reporting and training efforts at project-related facilities and missions.

Sallyport landed a separate one-year, $400 million foreign military sales contract from the U.S. Air Force in late January to help manage Iraq’s F-16 base operations.